St. Nicholas

Spine-Chilling Sagas: a Library List Inspired by ST. NICHOLAS

Critics suck. So do vampires.

A jaded theatre critic spins a tale beginning with obsession and ending with a descent into a macabre world of vampires in this eccentric, teasing yarn of a play from the multi-award winning author of The Seafarer and The Weir. Is it all a drunken lie? A tantalizing fairy tale? Or is it his own version of a higher truth? Bruce Cromer sinks his teeth into this hauntingly funny one-man play that is storytelling at its spooky best: St. Nicholas, creeping October 12-27.

Need more spine-chilling sagas? Sink your teeth into these spooky suggestions from the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.





Salome by Oscar Wilde(Book)

Originally published in French, this tragic one-act play by Irish poet and playwright Oscar Wilde tells the Biblical story of Salome, stepdaughter of Harod Antipas who (to her stepfather’s dismay but to the delight of her mother, Herodius) requests the head of Jokanaan (John the Baptist) on a silver platter as a reward for dancing the dance of the seven veils.

Note: There are various copies of Salome under slightly different call numbers.





I am Legend by Richard Matheson(Book)

This 1954 science fiction horror classic follows the pandemic survivor Robert Neville as he struggles to find the scientific cause of the incurable plague that has mutated every other man, woman, and child into bloodthirsty, nocturnal creatures who are determined to destroy him.








Molloy, Malone Dies, and The Unnamable by Samuel Beckett(Book Trilogy)

Originally published in French from 1951-1953, this trilogy by Irish playwright Samuel Beckett has been universally acclaimed as central to its time and to our understanding of the human experience. Beckett’s unique literary style and characterization make these three post-modern novels truly mesmerizing.


What We Do in Shadows (DVD) – An hilarious mockumentary about vampires


Let the Right One In (DVD) – A Swedish romantic horror film.

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