Detroit '67

A Blast from the Past: 20 Influential Events of 1967

Though it is often remembered in American history as the year of the race riots, 1967 was a pivotal year for many significant events. Here are 20 facts you may not have known about historical 1967:


March 20– The Supremes release “The Happening”

April 19Casino Royale premieres

April 28– Muhammad Ali refuses induction into the US Army and is stripped of his boxing title

April 29– Aretha Franklin releases “Respect”

May 11– 100,000,000th US phone connected

June 1– The Beatles releases their album “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” which goes gold

June 12– 300 arrested during race riots in Cincinnati, OH

The inventor of the ATM, John Shepherd-Barron

The inventor of the ATM, John Shepherd-Barron

June 12– US Supreme Court unanimously ends law against interracial marriages

June 27– The world’s first ATM is installed in London

July 19– First air-conditioned NYC subway car

July 23– 7,000 National Guard were brought in to restore law and order on the streets of Detroit

August 5– First time an AFL (American Football League) team beat an NFL (National Football League) team. Broncos beat Detroit 13-7. The leagues eventually merged to become the NFL.

September 3– Final episode of “What’s My Line?” hosted by John Charles Daly on CBS

September 3– Sweden begins driving on the right-hand side of the road

September 9– Uganda declares independence from Great Britain

October 2– Thurgood Marshall was sworn in as the first African-American Supreme Court Justice

First Rolling Stone Magazine- featuring John Lennon

First Rolling Stone Magazine- featuring John Lennon

October 18– Walt Disney’s Jungle Book is released

November 9– The unmanned Saturn V rocket is launched on its first successful test flight into Earth orbit

November 9– First Rolling Stone Magazine published

December 3– First human heart transplant performed (South Africa)



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