Education / Outreach

Good People and GREAT conversations

Another season has begun at Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati, and once more I am besotted by the show on our stage.  The cast of Good People and our amazing artistic staff has given our audiences a great deal to talk about.  Playwright David Lindsay-Abaire has been one of my favorites since I was an intern backstage during our production of Rabbit Hole in the 2007-2008 Season.  He is a master of writing about broken people and these Southies are no exception.  Complicated and wounded, they circle one another and struggle to remain the good people they see in the mirror each morning.

Naturally, this creates a number of great conversations in our lobby at intermission and after the show.   Fortunately, we have a Talk Back series that allows our audience members to ask questions of our cast, staff, and our special guest panelists so that they can dig even deeper.  Serving as a moderator for these events is something I enjoy very much because it is a unique aspect of our education outreach programs – it doesn’t cater exclusively to kids, and it allows me to see the impact of our productions first-hand.  I love seeing husbands and wives disagree about a point in the show, and best friends head off afterward to grab a beverage and continue their good-natured argument.

We have had some truly stellar panelists for our past Talk Backs, and for Good People we have representatives from the Greater Cincinnati Foundation’s Women’s Fund and UC’s Department of Economics, who each provide an unique perscpective and incredible insights into the realities facing our protagonist, Margie.

Teenage mothers, education, and economics – sounds pretty relevant, no?  Join us after the performance on Sunday, Sept. 16th (around 4:15pm) to join in the conversation.  Talk Backs are free and open to the public, so if you caught the show earlier, come back for the Bonus Features!!

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