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Introducing the Super Galactic Kicking Cow

Far away, in a universe where trees are purple and all creatures have unique magical powers, there is a super-villian like no other.  He reigns with an iron hoof and a malevolent “Moo.”


At least, according to Ms. DeLeone’s 3rd graders at The Academy of World Languages!  Truth be told, their play, Under the Purple Trees, featured a wonderful collection of characters and whimsy.  It was almost Seussian in style, and it is always a treat to do a show full of such fantastical concepts.

Here’s the story in a nutshell:

Bartok the Bear is sad because he doesn’t have a magical power like everyone else.  He meets Caleb, a boy who has the power to freeze things and they discover a mutual love of playing tag and eating ice cream.  Unfortunately, Caleb gets kidnapped by a Wizard who can create rainstorms and powerful winds.  He plans to steal Caleb’s freezing power so that he can create snow and get a snow day off from Wizarding School.  He has a tough test tomorrow, you see.  Bartok sets out to save Caleb and along the way meets two ninjas, and another bear named Bella who can create rivers to give the Purple Trees plenty of water. 

Meanwhile, Caleb had been taken to the Wizard’s castle, where he meets the Super Galactic Kicking Cow (SGKC for short).  The SGKC has been posing as the Wizard’s assistant, but in reality, he is controlling the Wizard with the Mind-Control Milk he produces.  His goal is to gain control of the Land of Purple Trees, but no one is drinking enough of the milk.  Thus, he tricked the Wizard into kidnapping Caleb, for what does one get when one freezes milk?  Why ice cream, of course!  And what does one get when one freezes Mind-Control Milk?  Super Galactic Mind-Control Brain-Freeze Ice Cream!  

Just in time, Bartok and Friends crash the SGKC’s party, and Bartok, horrified to learn that his beloved ice cream is being used for evil, discovers that he does, indeed, have a magical power – Super Tickling Power!  The SGKC admits that Super Ticking power is his one weakness, and makes a hasty retreat, swearing vengance.  The Wizard apologizes and the friends decide to help him study for his upcoming test, restoring peace and happiness to the Land of Purple Trees.  

Tell me, how could we go wrong with a story like that??  All of the kids were fantastic in their roles, and there was quite of bit of excited joy as the costumes were being put on and make-up applied.  I thought it only fair that the boy who created the SGKC play him in the show (this isn’t always the case), and as I applied the cow make-up that morning, I got more information about the cow: for example, he drives the Kicking Cow-Mobile. “Of course he does,” I replied, adjusting the cowbell around him neck.  Ah, the further adventures of The Super Galactic Kicking Cow!

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