From the cradle of the Renaissance, the children still create

One of the perks of professional theatre is travel, and my husband has had the opportunity this summer to go to Spoleto, Italy with UC-CCM, where he is a professor of Scenic Design.  I decided to tag along for a few days and experience the beauty of Italy.  What I didn't expect from this journey was a reminder that children are the same everywhere.  Though I speak practically no Italian, the children who lived downstairs in our little apartment building and I became friends.  I would speak to them, saying hello and goodbye as I passed them in the hallway.  At first, they just looked at me with their huge brown eyes, but one day, the little girl jumped up and yelled, "Caio!" and blew me a kiss.  Joy!

While wandering through the streets of Assisi, I found evidence of arts education at work.  In the window of a small art gallery, a rectangle of cardboard displayed the artistic pursuits of the younger generation.  I loved the title, especially in this city of statutes, fountains, and cathedrals.


This simple display was so inspirational to me as an arts education.  Don't you know that that young artist felt his or her creative work was of value?  Empower the creative force of the young and you may be surprised what it grows to be.   

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