Fairy Godmother Program

A Surprising Thank You

As I've written before, I am teaching a few classes at the Salvation Army Day Camps that are sprinkled about the Cincinnati area this summer.  Last week, I was able to go to The Citadel, which is the primary downtown location in Cincinnati, and which also happens to be right around the corner from ETC here in Over-The-Rhine.  When I got there, I was thrilled to discover that I'd already worked with a few of the kids at Rothenberg this spring.  It's always nice to receive hugs before you've even started class!

We played a few games and danced around a bit, and when I'd packed my bag and prepared to go, one of the older girls flagged me down.  She was very quiet and hadn't participated much in the class, but rather had sat back, watched, and enjoyed it.  

I sat down beside her and she whispered to me, "Thank you for letting us come see Sleeping Beauty."  I was surprised and thrilled.  You see, as part of our Fairy Godmother Program this past season, we did a performance of Sleeping Beauty for families from the Salvation Army and AFTA, a group that serves members of the Armed Forces and their families at no cost to them.  How lovely that this girl remembered that experience and obviously treasured it!  It's nice to remember from time to time that you never know what you will say or do that will stick with those kids, even if you never realize it.

Enjoy the beautiful summer day, everyone!

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