Arts Integration / Prelude Program

Play Day came once again . . .

And, at last, the elephants, tarantulas, monkeys, pirates, mermaids, and Chinese Dragon took to the stage! 

Our Technical Director, Aaron, came bright and early to the school to help me paint animal faces on the children and set up the stage.  He was a rock star and the children loved him! 

Prelude Hoffman Parham 007 Prelude Hoffman Parham 010

 Monkeys and the Red Panda!

The shows went beautifully, and many of the kids I had been the most concerned about rose to the occasion.  They were very proud of their work and the audience seemed to enjoy seeing them all dressed up, if nothing else!  There was a great deal of laughter and the smiles from the kids afterward were priceless. 

Prelude Hoffman Parham 049 Three kids in a canoe, three alligators and a fish made of gold!

Prelude Hoffman Parham 053

The kids, fish, pirates, Chinese River Dragon, and mermaids at the waterfall and rainbow at the end of the river.

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