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“So what are you building?” asked the Home Depot Man. “An elephant.” I replied.

That was a real conversation.  Honestly.  I had been wandering through the store for some time with my shopping cart filled with random items such as a couple of drop cloths, some dryer duct, porch screen, and a few dowel rods.  To the casual observer, they added up to nothing in particular. To me, this was part of my set and an elephant. 

I was a woman, alone, browsing in Home Depot.  And I was in lumber, not the garden center or paint or lighting.  Thus, I had attracted the attention of the kind and well-meaning sales staff. I might as well of had a flashing HELP ME! light on my forehead.  

For those men who read this blog, you may not know this phenomenon, but the women are probably laughing and nodding their heads.  We are the interlopers there, especially in the lumber section. That's where the serious building stuff lives!  

I honestly wasn't looking for anything in particular, just inspiration. When one must build the amount of unusual things I do, one must occasionally search for the divine spark in the oddest of places.  So, I was just looking for more elephant parts.  Why?  What do YOU go to Home Depot for? 

So how do you make an elephant from stuff you find around?  Here's part of the head that I built last Friday!

Becky and Building Costumes 014 Becky and Building Costumes 016

   First, I wired two baskets together and cut the handle of one of them in half.  I wired the handle pieces together to make the tusks. 

Then, I taped off the end of the dryer duct and wired it onto the basket bottom to make the trunk.  I cut off the excess duct and taped off the raw edge to prevent any little fingers from getting poked by wires.   

Becky and Building Costumes 022 Finally, I wired on some cardboard ears and voila!  An elephant! 

A little spray paint and we have a costume/puppet! 

Check back soon for more adventures in costuming and prop making!

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