Arts Integration / Prelude Program

After a ‘Marvelous’ pause, we now return to our regularly scheduled educational programs!

So, between the previews and openings, I've been in the schools, working away on our respective Prelude plays!  In fact, the two scripts form Rothenberg got written and delivered this week.  Thankfully, both classes seemed happy with their final products, and I only have a few edits to make.  My Hoffman-Parham classes began design work for their shows this week, and my desk is currently swimming in coloring pages and construction paper!  NEVER underestimate the prolific artistic nature of a child!!  LOL!  Wonderettes Opening 011

These are ambitious plays, and that is a fact.  Each one involves complicated costumes, scenery, and sound effects.  Each one will need some serious stage management!  Yet each one also reflects the collective psyche of the classes who will perform them . . and they each have something to say.  Magic still lives, and so does the memory of slavery in the U.S. The untamed power and beauty of rivers effect all those who live and travel by them.

Wonderettes Opening 013   

And so I am gearing up, gathering supplies, and preparing a build strategy for all of these programs.  By my estimation, I need 2 knights, 3 wizards, 2 dragons, 4 pirates, 2 mermaids, an elephant, and 2 boats.  I also need over sized quilt-squares, a waterfall and a banana tree.  

Isn't my job weird sometimes??  LOL!  These photos are from set and costume designs from Hoffman Parham.  To the right is a drawing for a Tarantula Costume – note the construction suggestion of attaching the extra legs to the actor's arms and legs with string.  Excellent conceptual abilities, no?

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