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Revving up for a wild ride

Do not fret, my friends, if my posts become a bit less regular for the next week or so – I'm just getting ready for a big performance next Thursday!  My kids down at the Brighton Center will be performing their piece on teen pregnancy, entitled Think Twice.  This is a  busy time of last minute costume, set, and prop perfecting and more intense rehearsals.  I

'm very excited about this performance because it will be with one of the oldest groups I've ever worked with and it is ETC's first foray into the land of after-school programs.  I know that I have mentioned the Brighton Center and the wonderful work that they do in Newport before, but it bears repeating that Kristy Woods and the Youth Development Program that she runs there is truly remarkable.  I can't tell you how impressed I have been.  They do such a great job in giving the kids they work with a great diversity of experiences in everything from community service to physical fitness.  It's been a pleasure to work with them on this artistic experience. 

I'm incredibly proud of these kids.  They have worked really hard to get ready for this.  They've worked on their lines with their families, made their costumes and set pieces, and really focused in the hour and a half I get to spend with them each week.  It makes it easy for me to want to work hard to help them make this as amazing as possible. 

BC momdaddaught
Some of my actresses – though one of them is going to play a guy in the play.  We work with what we have!

BC Amy's Acting Tips 

AKA: How to be Sir Lawrence Olivier in 50 words or less!  Really, this is a quick checklist I made for the kids to keep in mind when they were workig on their parts. 

This partnership between ETC and The Brighton Center didn't come about without some help.  The Fine Arts Fund is working on an after school arts education initiative and ETC is proud to be a part of that.  We are doing a great deal of work with the FAF and the STRIVE initiative this year, which is a challenge because we're constantly developing new programming.  I'll be filling you in more on some of what that involves soon, but for now – I gotta get back to work!

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