A week of firsts, lasts, and carrying on

This is proving to be a full and busy week for ETC Education. 

Tomorrow, I will finish up with my lovely bunch of pre-schoolers and say good-bye.  It is so hard to leave just when we've all gotten attached!  We're going to use those big imaginations of theirs to create our very own fairy tale stories.  In the past this has invilved a great number of Spiderman and Tinkerbell adventures, liberally sprinkled with characters like "my daddy," and "Grandma's puppy."  Cute.  Stay tuned!

Wednesday, I will begin two Prelude Programs at Hoffman Parham Elementary as part of the STRIVE Initiative's Arts Education In-School Pilot Program. The purpose of this pilot program is to provide residency arts programs in 3 different disciplines to 3rd graders at selected CPS schools and see if it has any effect on their test scores.  My students will have already completed programs with the Comtemporary Arts Center and the Cincinnati Ballet.  I can't wait to hear how they are doing and where they want their theatre adventure to take them!

The Brighton Center kids and I will continue with rehearsals on Thursday, and our set is currently being assembled by ETC's wonderful Technical Director, Aaron.  It is terribly nice to know that I have the support of the whole staff when I need it.  I admit, the times that I am the most stressed about pulling off one of these shows are the times that I don't ask for help.  Our amazing production team always goes above and beyond – (seriously, come see Becky's New Car!)  and then they even take time to help me.  Believe me, I don't do this all alone!

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