Why write a blog?

Because in theater, we collect stories.  Stories of love, loss, tragedy, comedy, etc.  But sometimes the best stories are not the ones that make it on stage.  They are the ones that happen behind the scenes. 

As the Education Outreach Associate at Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati, I have the best job in the world for collecting amazing stories.  The students I work with fill my days with laughter and a few tears, but my job is NEVER boring.  I have always kept these stories in a journal of sorts, emailing them to my colleagues at ETC.  More and more of late, however, friends, family, and supporters of the theater have expressed interest in these tales of our adventures in education. So I have decided to join the 2 billion other people in the world who are bloggers.

This was not inspired by ‘Julie and Julia’ and I have no desire to use this blog to springboard to fame.  This blog isn’t about me at all.  It about the kids I get to work, play, and dream with.  It is about the effects of arts education on their lives and the brilliant and joyful things that they say and do.  These are their stories.

Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati is here to tell the really essential stories, so welcome to the newest space for some of our most precious ones.