How many bridges are there in London?

Busy, busy day!  We open My Name is Asher Lev tonight, our fourth show of the season, and I spenAsher Lev Postert about two hours with a marvelous group of kids at Winton Hills Academy today.  We did an acting workshop designed to help them improve their public speaking and self-esteem.  It was a really lovely group of kids, and the volunteers who work with them were kind and genuinely interested in helping these little ones grow up to be well-rounded, educated, and happy people.  What a marvelous and simple mission! 

We played theatre games and, as always, I promised them I wouldn't ask them to do something I wouldn't do myself.  Thus, one of the girls and I ended up dancing around acting like chicken to the delight of the rest of the class!  

Workshops are tough because I only get one shot to make a difference, one quick span of time to pique curiosity and encourage joy.  All I can do in these situations is hope to catch at least one open mind, and make a difference there.  By the end of class, the kids were full of smiles. 

After class was done, and the kids and volunteers had left, I walked to my car.  Turning the corner, I found one of the kids standing alone in the cold wind, waiting for a family member to pick her up.  School had been over for hours at this point and there was no one around, so I decided to drop my things in the car and sit with her.  We chatted for awhile, until the conversation turned to travel.  We talked a little about London, to which one of her family members had been.  She said she'd seen London Bridge.  We wondered how many bridges spanned the Thames in London, and so I pulled out my handy-dandy iPhone and googled.  Did you know that there are 24 bridges in London?  According to this, there are!  True, it may not the most accurate site, but I support school projects!  In any event, I had a great time hanging out in the cold today. 

Thanks, kids, for always making me smile!  

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